Jeff Appareti

Web Developer / Designer

I'm a rare hybrid of developer & designer based in Santa Barbara, California USA. I have been helping businesses, individuals and non-profits with their websites for over 8 years. I design responsive clean websites that successfully sell products, advertise services, or clarify missions. I write clean, organized code that strikes a balance between optimized performance and maintainability.


Front-end: I'm skilled in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery. I keep an eye on the design as I develop the front-end, reducing back-and-forth between designers.

Frameworks: I work extensively with Wordpress, WooCommerce, Squarespace, Shopify, and Jekyll (static websites). A lot of my work involves customizing themes on these frameworks, and organizing website content effectively.

Design: I design websites from the ground up in Photoshop or Sketch.



[email protected]